4 Tips to Raise Funding from Angels by Mike Jones

Mike Jones, was the first investor in Dollar Shave Club Success and Last October at the Global Ventures Summit in LA he shared the story of how his investment company (Science Inc.) started and how he became the first investor of the Dollar Shave Club.

From his investor’s point of view he told us some interesting tips for startups who wanted to raise funding from Angels

1- I am not your meal ticket. Desperation kills all deals just like dating

2- If you can't bring confidence into that meeting, you're done.

3- If you ask for advice, you'll get money. But if you ask for money, you get advice. It's totally true. If you come into my office and you're asking all this advice, and you actually asked me go

od questions that make me think about my knowledge of your sector, I'm interested.

If you come in and just tell me about your story, you don't ask me anything and all you want is my money, I'm like, “thanks for coming by”.

4- Find Angels and ask for advice and make sure they know the sector you're in.

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