Seven Cryptocurrency Ventures to Keep an Eye On in 2018

Despite Bitcoin’s decrease in value, interest in cryptocurrency continues to rise. Because many are convinced that there is a lot of potential to make money in this arena, venture funds, LP's and fintech entreprenuers continue to try and carve out a way to do this.

Along with new cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency essentials like hardware wallets and keep keys are gaining popularity with traders. Cloud mining, money transfer and payment processing solutions are also peaking the interest of investors and inspiring tech start-ups such as Experty, Goldiam and Monetha.

Most cryptocurrency companies desire to work with Blockchain because of its good reputation and dependability. Therefore, there are numerous Blockchain-based start-ups springing up in the overseas markets. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on these ventures as they just might take off.

imToken expanding beyond China

Now sold in the Apple app store, imToken is a digital asset wallet. It began in China but after a $10 million investment from IDG Capital, has plans to expand into the United States. The largest Ethereum wallet on today’s market, it offers many additional user options including one-touch EOS wallet mapping, single or dual private key modes and safety features such as authorization controls.

JR10 Token in Colombia

Soccer star James Rodriguez has opted to invest his fortune in launching a new virtual coin known as the JR10. This venture has already proven to be a success with an early sell out. Working in conjunction with Blockchain platform SelfSell, owners of the JR10 token can use it to purchase souvenirs, fan gear and admittance to special events. Although this is not a true investment venture, investors should watch SelfSell for similar launches with other athletes as well as musicians.

IQ Mining in Latvia

With IQ Mining, anyone can mine the top cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero. To get started, miners simply contract to rent power from a data center and according to the website, they are then ready to make a return on their investment. Many are skeptical about this opportunity referring to it as a Ponzi scam. However some claim to be making additional income from it.

Experty Started in Poland

A very new venture, Experty provides an easy to use payment solution using cryptocurrencies. With this simple, user-friendly application, consumers can share ideas via video or teleconferencing. Experts in their field will receive payment automatically via the Blockchain. Ready to launch any day, this company is already getting lots of attention from tech and business publications including Inc., Forbes and

Monetha Headquartered in Switzerland

The Monetha coin is a decentralized online payment system. It provides an easy, low-cost way to pay for goods and serves. What makes this system really unique is its fast processing. This is because it uses Ethereum, a Blockchain based computing platform to accept and disburse mobile payments.

Humaniq in London, England

Created with the purpose of bypassing financial institutions, Humaniq is a mobile bank. It is expected to become popular, especially in countries that are not governed by a strong economic system. Using both Blockchain and Biometrics for verification, it offers a safe and reliable system of storing and trading coins (funds). It runs on the Android operating system making it simple for anyone who owns a smartphone to trade.

Goldiam Headquartered in India

The Goldiam Corporation has been in operation for over 20 years making this a more secure investment. They are in the business of trading gold and silver. Recently however they created the Goldiam coin for fast and quick trading using a mobile device. The investment will actually be in the gold and trade markets which again gives investors the idea that it is a much more stable venture. It is also connected to Blockchain and allows participants to send or receive money via cryptocurrency or investing in gold and/or diamonds. It has also launched two wallet programs – Calypsum wallet and Jupiter wallet.

Cryptocurrency provides a way for everyone to generate extra income through investing. Whether you are new to venture capital and technology or are an experienced investor, there is always something new to learn regarding startups, policies, legalities and cybersecurity. Meet some of the innovators, investors and leaders in this industry at the Global Ventures Summit to be held later this year in over 10 countries worldwide.

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