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Which Tech Conference To Attend?

When it comes to technology, the world is small. You are just a few degrees of separation from the person that could help you get to the next funding check or the one the could get you an introduction to the right the venture capital fund manager that will fund your next big thing. Tech conferences help you build the type of network that gets results – in general.

Let’s look at some of the big conferences and who each one is geared towards.


Slush bills itself as “built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.” Named for the late-fall weather in Finland (when/where the conference is held), startups from around the world meet and share. It offers a matchmaking tool for startups looking to get funding and there is a focus on connecting talent, but Slush really focuses on sharing technologies. In 2017, one million people live streamed the event. This event is for people who want to know what is coming next.

Web Summit

Web Summit is where you go to learn about the state of technology and all that it influences. It is actually 23 conferences in one. It was designed to provide a way for people to learn about the ways technology is impacting business and the world in which we live. Through a blend of lectures, workshops and roundtables, participants get to hear from insiders on specific issues. It is held in Lisbon in the autumn.

Global Ventures Summit

Global Ventures Summit, or GVS, is a conference that has a singular purpose – to highlight growing companies. Its goal is to “connect the SE ecosystem with the valley and invest at the same ticket size in seed and pre-seed as Silicon Valley.”

GVS features 3.5 million followers. Participants have the opportunity to get their products in front of thousands of investors, who often come with their checkbooks. To date, 12 companies have secured over $20M by networking at the Global Ventures Summit – and the conference only started in 2017. Locations include Bali, Mexico City, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Dubai.

TechCrunch Disrupt SF

San Francisco is home to TechCrunch Disrupt. This event is all about breaking tech news and networking. Successful startups share what they’ve learned along the way, tech people talk about how they are changing the game and people network. Go here to find a new job, locate a key hire or find a partner. Disrupt SF also features a Hackathon and a pitching competition called Startup Battlefield.

Some conferences are good places to learn while others are where you make elevator pitches all day long. Choose the right tech conference for your goals, and you never know where you'll end up.

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