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Founder's Bio

Ahmed Shabana

GVS Founder and Managing Director

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Wrting About Us?


Please do these things :)

  • Use the GVS logo to link to the GVS Website or Ticket site

  • Use the Mark in social buttons to link to your Speaker profile or Startup profile on the website

  • Use the GVS logo to advertise ticket sales through your affiliate link

  • Use the GVS logo in a blog post or news article about GVS

  • Use the GVS logo on your social media channels to promote your involvement

Please don’t do these things :(

  • Use the GVS logo for your website's logo

  • Create a modified version of the GVS logo

  • Integrate the GVS logo into your logo

  • Use any GVS artwork without permission

  • Sell any GVS artwork without permission

  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images

Please contact us

  • If you want to use artwork not included in this repository

  • If you want to use these images in a video/mainstream media


In short, the GVS logos represent only GVS and should not be used to represent your products. You may also read the official legal terms.

Naming projects and products

Please avoid naming your projects anything that implies GVS's endorsement. This also applies to domain names.